Sheena Jeffers

Sheena Jeffers


This is me.

I am a certified wellness life coach, writer, creative entrepreneur, yoga educator, and classically-trained dancer. I am most proud of being a published writer, watching my students and clients thrive, rappelling down a 400-feet skyscraper, traveling around the world on a sailboat, opening three businesses to fulfill creative needs in our communities, dancing throughout Japan, and developing a dance camp for children with parents currently incarcerated. I carry with me a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Virginia Commonwealth University, as well as a Master of Education from Old Dominion University. I am the Founder and Chief Experience Officer of WELL, Inc., and my life mission is to be present, attentive, and live a magnetic, bold life of health, movement, and wellness.


And, here’s the deeper story…

I was born on a chilly December morning in Richmond, Virginia. I spent most of my childhood in one of three places: outside exploring our rural three acres of land with my younger brother, in ballet shoes at our small town’s one-room dance studio, or sitting on a pew at our local church where my grandfather was the spiritual leader and preacher.

It was during the first 12 years of my life that I was steeped in family love, the Christian faith, and the arts. I learned the life-nourishing importance of giving back to the community, working hard, and committing to being a lifelong learner.

My teenage years were spent with my hair in a bun and my fingertips resting on a ballet barre. I attended a prestigious arts school which opened my heart and mind to powerful, untouchable forces and taught me a tireless commitment to habitual self-discipline.

In college, I immersed myself in the arts, philosophy, history, and cultural studies while completing two degrees and writing for newspapers covering the Richmond and Washington D.C. market. I became a detail-oriented thinker while learning how to ponder big thoughts and solve complicated problems using innovation and intellect.

After college, I worked at a law firm for four years while searching for my life’s purpose in work. I saved $10,000 marked “for pursuing your dreams” in order to have funds available whenever I figured out what those dreams looked like. I learned a lot during those years. They molded me in ways that I still notice today.

Graduate school was a whirlwind of 13-hour days of dancing, researching, and writing. My passions, interests, and talents began to bubble to the surface, and I began to find new clarity in my life priorities. I completed my yoga teacher and wellness life coaching training, and set out to discover my life purpose.


To create opportunities for growth in individuals and communities; to impact the lives around me in a healthy, creative, and motivational way; to travel a journey with people; to instill confidence, track growth, and share a prevailing hope for the future.


One day, I stepped away from everything I had known to travel around the world on a 43-foot sailing catamaran, Seas Life.


This adventure taught me to live boldly, push fear aside, and confidently pursue personal peace and happiness. It provided me with the space, time, and freedom to explore my own inner landscape.

From busy and broken to bold and balanced, my life has traveled through U-turns, steep falls, and personal rebirths. I have grieved losses and celebrated victories. I have felt loneliness and community, and it was through these experiences that I found my life’s work.


To live a life uplifting those around me through coaching, writing and teaching, and developing within them a fearless capacity to thrive.

And, I am here to be present through it all.

Sheena laughing on boat

photos from Sheena's travels

Sheena smiling with hat on

So, what’s next?

We live in a big, bold, and beautiful world, but often times we don’t feel those mighty forces within ourselves. I’m dedicating my time, effort, and energy to creating opportunities for individuals and businesses to discover, embed, and maintain positivity, confidence, and creativity in their daily experiences.

I’m writing a book capturing touching stories of my life experiences at home and abroad. These stories taught me how to live a life embracing vulnerability while moving confidently forward to pursue health and happiness.

And, I’m coaching clients–privately or in group settings–who are ready to discover their own inner landscapes and design lives that serve as solid grounds for peace, health, and wellness.