Sheena Jeffers

Breathe Full is a podcast for those seeking to breathe fully and deep throughout their personal journey.

A podcast for those hungry for a moment of peace, a long deep breath, a story of wisdom, a lesson to cherish, a nugget of delight; a place where broken hearts and tense minds come to rest. Each episode brings with it a focused intention and carries you through an investigation of self by providing you with powerful questions to ponder, exercises to work through, and stories that help illustrate the intention. Episodes also provide helpful resources for further reading or information.


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Original Wound

Each of us experiences original wounds that we carry with us for the rest of our lives. The original wounds include: Rejection, Abandonment, Humiliation, Betrayal, and Injustice. These wounds can also be inherited, passed down from our families, friends, and people before us.

In this episode, we work to identify our original wounds and discuss how to heal them so that we don’t pass them down, continuing a cycle of pain.

“Life is a journey to be fully experienced and enjoyed–all the things that Sheena speaks about can be part of your journey. Just keep moving!”

KathyAHy, Listener

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