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What does it mean to live WELL?


Living a life oriented to wellness means moving away from feeling malnourished, parched, or starving in your personal or professional life. It means leaving behind the victim/blame mentality and personally-neglectful habits. It means identifying fears and leaving a brittle, barren life of isolation for a life of healing, abundance and balance. It means cultivating a reactive internal life, an inner landscape of beauty that anchors and nourishes you.

As a wellness life coach, my responsibility and honor is to serve as a guide for you while we explore your current circumstances, perceptions, stresses, desires, and agendas. My hope is that–through our work together–you are armed with empowering wisdom tools, tricks, and tips so you feel capable and ready to confidently leap into a life that feels uplifting and healthy for you!

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I work with children, pre-teens, and adults of all ages seeking guidance for life clarity, balance, prioritization, transitions, and re-design.

Is life coaching what I need?

You’re perfect for this path if you’re feeling…

  • stuck in a situation, job, behavior pattern, or emotion;
  • fed up with your current circumstances;
  • unsure of what is next for you;
  • confused on who you want to be;
  • frustrated with how you’re moving through this world;
  • unaware of how to change your current life pattern;
  • a restlessness to do more with your time on Earth.

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If you’re ready to find more within yourself, Sheena will be your guide and unlock your fullest potential.

You must surround yourself with people who can uplift you and guide you into a new positive direction. That person is Sheena. She is trustworthy beyond belief and has built an online community that empowers women. She facilitated my own growth by helping me work through my thoughts while allowing me to organically grow on my own.

Sonya, Virginia Beach


In just one session, I learned so much about myself and had the opportunity to dig deep.

Sheena helps you work through all those things you know on some level are there but you’ve chosen at some point to ignore. I love her outlook on life and the joy and passion she brings to each coaching session. I also truly loved that she said she’d follow up with me and she did; we can all use accountability!

Madeline, Baltimore, MD

How does life coaching work?

Offered online in the comfort of your own home, every session begins with setting an agenda grounded in what’s currently on your heart or mind. Then, we head into talk processing and exercises to help you identify and de-power toxic factors. Finally, we design action steps you can work on until our next session.

TALK PROCESSING: Conversations guided by powerful questioning explore the territory of your inner landscape.

EXERCISES: Written or spoken exercises designed to help you find clarity and potency in your work and life.

SOUL WORK: Action steps designed by you and your coach to assist with navigating your inner landscape.

Why did you become a wellness life coach?

I became a wellness life coach with the hope and intention to train, pass along, and provide strategies, resources, and opportunities that help people design and maintain a life that feels healthy, confident, and full.

I, like many people, fell into the seductive force of busy living–the unintentional self-destruction that we’ve seen glorified, telling us to enrich the public outside of our lives and impoverish the inside.

For years, I neglected my personal mental, physical, and emotional health in pursuit of the hurried lifestyle: hustling for financial or perceived personal success. After removing myself from a work schedule that no longer served me, finances that sought only to deplete me, and people who desired only to take from me, I re-evaluated what I wanted and needed in life to be a thriving, fully-loving, empathetic beating human heart out there in a tough world. This began a long journey of soul searching, uprooting past traumas, and healing of scars. Through it all, wellness buoyed me: I developed a practice of self-investigation, self-evaluation, and self-love.

“Self-care emerged as the way to not only achieve what I desired, but to accept the flow of triumphs and devastation without emotional havoc or disruption.”

How do you want to invest in your wellness?

Life coaching is an investment you make when you’re ready to move a level up, live as your best self, and enjoy health and happiness in both your personal and professional life.


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This is the right option for you if you want to make the well-being of your mind, body, and soul an ongoing priority. We’ll check-in, process, and work together every month to continue cultivating your best life.

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Some of my clients only want life coaching through a temporary tough situation, transition, or circumstance. In this case, working hard in a concentrated way for a set amount of time works well for them.

You can live a WELL life!

Schedule your FREE 15-min consultation call. We’ll work through what your needs are together. Let’s discover what lights you up and raise it to the surface!

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