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Let me introduce you to Life Design: The conscious choice and effort to transform or move around the factors commanding influence on your life.


How we live our lives involves a complicated dance of different factors: learned behaviors, perspectives, mentalities, belief systems, motivational styles, biases, personal and inherited wounds, and more. These complex factors affect the decisions you make, the relationships you build, and your personal health and wellness. We examine each of these factors in depth determining what is beneficial for you and what may be holding you back.

Life Design means moving forward with intention.

general coaching iconGENERAL COACHING

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General Life Coaching

Let’s find WELLness for you! One-on-one, deep investigation into current obstacles, challenges, or blocks currently slowing or hindering fulfillment in your life. For best results, 10-15 sessions are suggested.

Best for:

  • If you’re going through a life transition and feel off;
  • If you’re running a business and desire a professional to talk issues through and an accountability partner;
  • If you’re looking for WELLness check-ins to ensure you’re living your best life.

Life Clarity

Let’s sort through what feels vague and find out what’s important to you! One-on-one, deep investigation into what feels vague or lost in your life. Understanding perspectives and attitudes that create emotional fray within your life. Investigating daily obligations, responsibilities, and/or perceived duties. Evaluating passions, dreams, visions, and hopes. Creating actionable steps to establishing a life that uplifts and encourages you. For best results, 10-15 sessions are suggested.

Best for:

  • If you’re feeling uninspired or dull in life or at work;
  • If you’re feeling stuck;
  • If you’re unsure of what you want out of life and work.

Sheena laughing with a friend

Sheena made me feel comfortable exploring my own life challenges and assisted me in identifying solutions and manageable tasks to improve my own quality of life.

Her exercises and powerful questions led me to my own personal revelations that helped me change lifelong behavioral patterns that were no longer serving me. Her ability to provide a comfortable environment and serve as an empathetic listener, as opposed to judging, allows one to easily open up and achieve meaningful dialogue. We are all a work in progress and continuing to do that work with the guidance of a Life Coach as nurturing and considerate as Sheena makes self-exploration a refreshing and welcomed breeze.

Christian, Virginia Beach

Life Balance

Let’s find serenity, calmness, and a revitalizing flow for you! Investigating where your time and energy are spent. Understanding perspectives and attitudes that are driving your decisions. Exploring boundaries with time and energy that feed your life. Creating actionable steps to establish balance in various areas of your life. For best results, 5-10 sessions are suggested.

Best for:

  • If you’re experiencing frustration and overwhelm in your life;
  • If you feel you “never have enough time;”
  • If you feel you’re always racing the clock.

Mindset Shift

Let’s find a perspective that helps you find and establish peace in your circumstances. A mindset is an established set of attitudes held by someone. Our mindsets are how we perceive a situation, a person, a transition, or a circumstance in our lives. How we perceive what is happening will shape our emotional reactions and the entire experience. Mindset shift helps you realize what established beliefs or attitudes are driving your emotional response, and shift those beliefs or attitudes in order to have a healthier reaction or experience.

Best for:

  • When you’re experiencing stress or anxiety over a circumstance or person in your life;
  • When you’re feeling down about your life choices;
  • When you’re feeling overwhelmed or stuck when processing something in your life.

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