Sheena Jeffers

Sheena speaking

Praise for Sheena

Her passion shined bright as she led the women through a workshop on being fearless.

Sheena was our guest speaker during the last night of the J&A Racing Women’s Fitness Camp! Her guidance allowed for self-reflection and sharing far beyond just the surface level for many of the women. Thanks to Sheena’s powerful testimony, the women walked away from the camp knowing they could accomplish anything.

Ryan Conrad, Training Director
J&A Racing

Speaking Topics

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In a world that demands a hurried pace both at work and home, it’s not unusual to feel like a clown balancing spinning plates on head, hands, and feet. Sustaining this pace results in tension-based diseases, dependencies, lack of much-needed sleep, and unhealthy lifestyle choices. Living WELL Balanced walks through how we arrived at such a hectic pace, provides proven techniques, and meaningful moments of reflection on how to achieve a healthy balance for daily experiences.

Participant Takeaways: Participants learn and explore the history of hurry in our culture and their personal lives. After identifying what part of their lives is off balance, proven techniques help them move into a more balanced state for themselves and their families.

Sheena sitting with groupTHE STORIES WE TELL
Our lives are full of stories formed long before we were born. From the history we learn in classrooms to the manners enforced in our homes, our families, friends, teachers, cultures, religions, and communities shape us through stories. The Stories We Tell reveals the power of storytelling and places participants back in the position of power of their own stories. Moving away from shame, The Stories We Tell reminds that you are greater than your circumstances, and teaches how to release the pain of painful stories while developing new understandings of circumstances.

Participant Takeaways: After learning the power of storytelling, we explore past stories that have shaped our perceptions of the world and people around us. We identify stories that have turned into judgments, and learn how to de-power triggers and harmful stories.

Sheena on panelLIFE: REDESIGNED
With stories of loss, transition, and intrigue of Sheena Jeffers’ personal experiences, these lessons learned reveal what is possible when you disregard fear and open your heart and mind to possibilities. Embracing the ideas that it’s never too late to design a life that fills you with energy, health and vitality, and you’re always allowed to evolve, Sheena provides stories and approaches to creating a radiant life.

Participant Takeaways: Designing a life means finding clarity and personal purpose. Motivational stories and prioritization exercises help participants discern what is necessary for radiant living.

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