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Combining her experiences of wellness, mindfulness, yoga, and sailing, Sheena captures–in an a candid and encouraging tone–meaningful moments shared with illustrious characters on the sea. The book is overflowing with nature’s wisdom and clarity for us all. With impactful vignettes and stories that span the passing of time, Sheena’s book travels two simultaneous journeys: her own personal unraveling and growth walks alongside your own personal exploration and growth; both journeys guided by the ever-changing fluidity of the sea.

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Sheena's journey

Sneak Peak

In medieval Irish literatures, they speak of a soul journey called Imramma, which translates to “voyages.” These are mystical voyages; journeys undertaken because they were yearned for somewhere deep within you; an urging with an unidentifiable source but it’s presence is undeniable, practically tangible though completely invisible.

Imrammas historically call for travel across deep waters and they are said to posses the power of returning one’s soul to itself. The ancient Celtics believed that when you stand upon the edge of the water where the sea crashes into the land, that two worlds–physical and spiritual–align. In this place where power of the sea meets strength of the earth, you can slip through a mystical door and begin the journey back to yourself.

One evening, as the heavy sun slipped from the sky, I stood where the sea meets the earth. My toes wiggled in the coolness of the sand. The waves first approached my toes, and then my ankles as I moved forward toward the sea.

What has led me here I need to release: to shed, to rise, to slip from the layers of judgment, pain, circumstances and fear.

The water blanketed my hips; my body absorbed the coming and going, the pushing and the pulling, the struggle of the waves. The strength of the water pulled me out into the sea, in toward its core, then a wave pushed me back as if the sea was reacting out of fear; her desire to pull me in deeper fought her hesitancy pushing me away. I walked forward.

The waves slapped against my chest, filled the caves of my body. My own heart attempted to match the natural rhythm of the sea–inhale, exhale–but fear caused my heart to flutter, race. My breath shortened as I take on the cold of the sea. I prepared to hold my breath. I walked forward until water covered me.

Once under water, everything was silent. With my closed eyes and my arms extended, fingers open wide, the water surrounded me and I knew: the sea is my calling, my personal and entirely unexpected and unplanned Imramma. The sea and I will battle. The sea and I will rest. The sea and I will be together in a way I never imagined. The sea and I will figure it out.

I pushed downward on my arms and break the surface of the water. I gasped for air. I heard the water slapping around me. I was soaked heavy: mind, body and spirit. My drenched dress sticks to my body as I walked away from where I know I’ll return one day.

My Imramma was calling. I had no idea my life was about to change.

Suzie Trotter

An open, honest, vulnerable awakening doused with self-deprecating humor…

…this book will resonate no matter your age, gender, or situation. Sheena presents a powerful self-reflective journey and gives the reader safe permission to do the same through her easy writing style and thoughtful guiding prompts.

S. Trotter

CJ Grabenstein

Reading Sheena’s book revealed a wonderfully fulfilling and unexpected journey.

She walked me through the frustrations and monotony of everyday life, and then shows how freeing throwing it all into the wind can be. Finding herself on an adventure she never planned, Sheena shows that challenges will always plague the past and present but the lessons learned are what shapes our future. I highly recommend this book!

CJ Grabenstein

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